The Ten Virtues

By High Priest Callixtus Pius

Welcome, Children of the Empire.

My name is Callixtus. I serve the High Church. Thank you for attending this service, you are giving your time to God. As you may have noted this event was marked for people of all levels of education, and as such we shall be reviewing the very basics of what it means to Worship God.

God is almighty. They created all things. Their favoured creation was Humanity and blessed us all with an eternal Soul. In Order to Communicate with Humanity God sent forth Messiahs. Ancient ones who left us the Sacred Texts which we study to this day, but also A living embodiment of God's will. The Messiah, The Emperor.

Through these channels of communication from God we have received how we can please them. How can I please God? I hear you ask in your hearts. It is the Ten Virtues. Ten Virtues that are unique to the Human Soul. We must seek to follow them.

The First Virtue is Faith. It is above all the other Virtues. Faith in God, Faith in the Emperor and Faith in the High Church. Your faith in God should lead you to sacrifice. Sacrifice of the Body, in your wealth. Sacrifice of the Mind, in your Time. Those of you who wish to earn a blessing from God should seek to make Pilgrimage to Andophal, the Holy Planet of the High Exarch, and seek council before the Holy Ten Exarchs.

The Second Virtue is Propriety. An Adherence to Tradition. Respecting the station which you are born into, respecting the order God places us into. To please God you must respect your local authority as well as the authority of God and comply with your local laws, as long as they do not contradict the law of God.

The Third Virtue is Justice. This is the system by which those who choose to follow the will of God are either rewarded or punished. This Virtue is evidently clear in our Faithful Noble House Crux. It also represents an Inward reflection. As the sacred text states "Who amongst you can remove a twig from your brothers eye, before removing the branch from your own."

The Fourth Virtue is Fortitude. Dearest members of my congregation. You must have fortitude in these difficult times! This is a Virtue of Endurance, or progressing through hard times without complaint. Do not despair when times are tough, for by enduring them happily you please God and shall be rewarded.

The Fifth Virtue is Wisdom. Do not be Misled. Do not just accept what you believe the world to be. See it as it actually is. How can we do this? Study the sacred texts and the words of our Emperor. They will show you how to act in any given situation.

Our Virtues act as a mirror. The ones that follow reflect and add context to the others. You cannot have just one of the Ten Virtues, although displaying one well is better than displaying none.

The Sixth Virtue is Temperance, A mirror of Wisdom. Temperance speaks to your wise decisions to be moderate in habits, not indulging in any vice to excess. We should have no desire stronger than the desire to serve God.

The Seventh Virtue is Diligence, A mirror of Fortitude. While fortitude speaks to endurance in hard times, Diligence speaks to not losing focus when you have much and life is easy. Even while your burdens are reduced and you do not have to struggle so hard to feel the blessings of God, it is important you fully complete your service to God. Diligently perform all sacrifices, and attend all services and festivals even if you feel you do not currently need guidance.

The Eighth Virtue is Charity, A mirror of Justice. While Justice often falls heavy upon those who are without faith Charity is the reward who those who have faith. Although adherents to the faith must find contentment in their station and not reach higher, they also should not be forced lower than their station. The Church will provide an equalising to those who are being mistreated by those in stations above them.

The Ninth Virtue is Integrity, A mirror of Propriety. As the second speaks to tradition, the Ninth speaks to truth. We must not lie. We must not lie in our dealings with one another. We must not lie even in our dealings with those less than Human. We must be honest to them in our attitude towards them, and stay true to the traditions of the High Church and of God.

The Tenth Virtue is Hope. It is the last virtue, but it is the Mirror of Faith which is above all. We must not have fear for the future. God and the Emperor will not let their faithful adherents fall. When we are beset by tragedy, when we are beset by loss; it is Human to Mourn and Grieve for a time. But once the appointed time is over we must not continue to mourn. This Virtue needs to be especially present in this Time where we do not have an emperor to guide us. Do not mourn for the emperor is dead, Rejoice for they will soon return to us!

Thank you all who have attended this sermon today, Children of the Empire. It is customary for those of the High Church to wish you a blessing according to each of the virtues and so I will leave you with this.

Ten Blessings upon you all. May the Emperor guide your Path.