A Sermon on Cabina

By High Priest Callixtus Pius

You shall have to forgive me for forgoing some of the more traditional parts of the procedings, but the word of god shall not be halted by minor inconveniences.

Children of the Empire, My name is High Priest Callixtus Pius. Thank you for taking the time out of your lives to come and attend this sermon. This is especially true here on Cabina. Those of you who have stayed loyal to the Truth while surrounded by lies are to be commended. And Commendation is why I am here today. I know that often a sermon can be a time for correction, a time to examine our flaws and improve upon them, but today I am here with a positive message. You can keep going. You can endure the conditions here, and stay faithful. I have seen much of this sector, and I can honestly say that nowhere I have been is quite like here. Nowhere else in the Empire have they perverted the chain of society to this degree.

I’m sure it troubles you, just as it troubles me, to see them dress up these animals. To attempt to make them something that they’re not. To make them Human. It was millenia ago when Humanity first came across the Wolf, and God gave it into our hands to tame it an to make it as Dog. Domesticated and Obedient. That is the proper order of things. God, then Humans, then Everything else. It warms the heart of this priest that so many of you still respect this order, despite the immense social pressure to conform and to break with what is right. He pauses to open his texts, read a note in the inside cover, and then continue.

But I don’t want to focus on the negative. I am here to focus on the Positive. To show you why you should keep a strong hold of your Faith. The only reason that this planet can function the way it does is because of the Empire. The food these people eat, the cities they have built, and the incorrect beliefs and actions they proselytize are only possible because that privilege has been granted to them by the Empire. The Divine granted us free will. The ability to choose if we are to serve them or not. It is up to each individual to choose to make God happy, or to see God upset. You have all chosen to continue to please God. Even though you know that nobody is watching, nobody is keeping attendance, you have chosen to be here. God is looking upon that decision and smiling with great joy!. You faithful few are the light in the darkened world. It is your responsibility to be an example of what we should be. Of what Humanity should be. The so called ‘Repentants’ would have you believe that we are incapable of forgiveness. They doubt the power that God has to forgive us for our sins. They would have us eternally guilty for those actions which God has cleansed. As it states in the sacred texts:

Finally I confessed my sin to you;

I did not cover my error.

I said: "I will confess my transgressions to God."

And you pardoned the error of my sins.

(Psalms 32:5)

Once our sins are confessed, God forgives them. When we recognise our actions as having been incorrect and seek to change our behaviour, acknowledging the mistake that we made, God pardons our Sins. We are then cleansed. We are not to hold onto Sin, to remember and hold on and to think that we are incapable of reaching Gods love. Instead we are to have it wiped clean, and try to move forward.

If you are burdened down with Sin, confess. Do not seek repentance, seek forgiveness.

Ten Blessings upon the Empire and its People.