How an Aquilan Earned His Qi

One day, the Arhat was walking on the road to Infernum. A great pesitilence had seized the land, and the roads were filled with the dead and dying. But through his Virtue, the Arhat remained unassailed by the disease. Taking shelter under a carnal flower cactus after a long day's walk, the Holy One asked the plant "Tall one, may I have something to eat?" Sensing his piety, the cactus gave forth a golden fruit. Taking it for his supper, the Arhat sat against the bole of the cactus, its spines bending out of the way so as not to mar his flesh.

His hunger sated, the Arhat sat and meditated on the glory of the Empire and on the Virtues. Not long into this introspection, he heard from far off a shout, as one in pain. Standing and thanking the cactus for providing meal and shelter, he strode off down the road to find out what was going on.

Coming around a bend, he saw three men assailing an Aquilan officer. Though the defender was strong and skilled, against three there was no hope of victory. Bloody and bruised, the man looked up at the Holy One, saying "Master, please help me. They believe me a robber, though I am a stranger in these parts. They mean to kill me!" Arhat took pity on the man, and summoning the power of the One, he did battle with the assailants, and cast them off the road, saying "Repent ye sinners! Go forth and find Virtue, but leave this poor man," and they did leave.

"Thanks be to you and the Almighty," said the Aquilan, "for I might have died. Tell me, where are you headed to?"

"I am to Infernum, to proclaim the Virtues and teach," said the Arhat.

"Then it is fortunate that we have met, for I am going that way as well. I have rooms let from a relation in town, please let me repay you with a meal and some wine."

Assenting, they two headed into the small town. Though the home he was led to was poorly looking, from the inside the Arhat could tell it was well constructed and sturdy, offering all the comforts a humble man could ask for. Long into the night the Officer shared his humble fare, recounting the story of his life with the Holy One.

In the morning, with the rising of the Sun, the Arhat prepared to go. "Please do not go, Holy One," the officer said. "The road is dangerous, as I well know. If you wait a few days, I will get us both a ride into the city in comfort and style."

"No, no," said the Holy One. "I need neither comfort nor style where I go. But I would be a poor guest if I did not repay your kindness." Taking the officer's hand, the Holy One taught him the secrets of his martial art, showing him its power and Virtue. When they were complete, the sun was at its height. "Holy One, please, stay and rest" the officer said. Again, the Arhat declined. "I have a long ways to go, and many miles ahead. Practice what I have taught you, and you will be rewarded."

Though that officer's name was not recorded in tale or annal, though we know neither his face or name, to this day the legions practice what the officer learned that fateful day, directly from the Holy One himself.

Praise Be The Emperox!