Those at the High Church look forward to returning to their daily duties serving communities small and large across the sector. Before they do, they wish to share words of wisdom with their siblings.

To House Triangulum

Let passion and creativity inspire your endeavours. With your work leading the way, humanity can achieve another golden age. But tread carefully. A chain cannot be strong when it is broken.

To House Serpens

You humbly see where they cannot, guiding the gifted for ever more. You saw darkness, and lifted us into light. Continue your noble work, Sibling. Teach them not to bear fangs at the world, but to bring it into the safety of the Den.

To House Reticulum

As new winds blow, the Blue Forest stands unmoving firm of root and strong of heart. Do not ignore the zephyr. For only those firmest of root can tame it. Shape it. Wield it.

To House Lyra

As composed by the Grand Voice.

"At tranquil twilight
One younger sibling dances,
watching life pass by."

Do not get entranced by the beauty of The After, when there is still so much life to live.

To House Eridanus

As it flows, House Eridanus . Your daily toil is always appreciated. Now is the time for growth. A time for prosperity. Count the coins, and help keep the Faithful in the black. Yet be warned Money is the vehicle. Not the destination.

To House Aquila

Faithful Aquila, protectors of the realm. We are bound by blood in service to God, but we are also bound by duty in service to the people. Protect them. Serve them. Help them. Remember them. Now and always.

To House Fornax

Forged in fire, forever Faithful, your flame has waned somewhat due to recent events. Do not let this stop you, Major House. Your passion drives the sector. Bring that fire with you, always. You may never know when it will be required.

To House Crux

Ever steadfast. Ever true. There are many evils in this world. Do not get overwhelmed by the challenges you face. Stay focused. Stay True. Do not rest until every synthetic threat to our world has been compromised to a permanent end.

To The Deathless

Soldiers of Fortune, we salute you. Koschei Is and Koschei will be. We hope more embrace the faith of our Arhat. Your Neutrality is to be applauded. May others look to you as an example of peace.

To The Democratic Mandate

From Winter to Spring. From Spring to Summer. From Life comes Death. From Death comes Life. Change is inevitable. Change is sacred, an improper task for the unrighteous. You say you are the tide and not the fire? Prove it.

To The PRISM Network

Focus on spreading joy. It is joy that is most craved, that people open their hearts to. And remember “Whether Citrine Yellow or Sapphire Blue, Whatever we watch, we all watch you.”


Where to begin, dear SERAPH? We have had our differences in the past, to say the least. Now, focus on Charity and goodness. Uplift Imperial spirits with these virtuous endeavours. In this, we will support you all we can.

To The Confederation of the Upright Vagrant

You have been a faithful example that God saves all who call on them. From Enemies to Friends. From Apostate to Faithful. Keep up your good work.

To The Trilliant Ring

Not noble by birth, but noble in action. Our brethren now. Our brethren always. Stay trill, friends.

To House Pyxis

Our Imperial House. Messiah. The people have Hope. Yet Hope is a fragile & skittish child. At present, she sits on the clifftop, dangling her feet from the edge, watching the Suns begin to rise. For all our sakes, do not let her tumble.

To The People of Acheron Rho

And to all those who continue to look to God for strength and guidance, we recommend that you look no further than the sacred words of Arhat Esquire and Arhat Logan "Be excellent to each other."