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The following statements should be seen as true within the game that is the Far Verona Faction Turn, and should be kept in mind during all aspects of Lore Creation. They have been agreed upon by both Members of the High Church and the Spacemaster prior to publication.

A Guide Unto Holy Lore

As Compiled by The High Church Upon the Occasion of its Ascension

The High Church of Messiah-as-Emperox is the state religion of the Empire. It’s function in official and bureaucratic processes is vital. Truly, the only way to separate Church from State would be the destruction of the state itself. Officially, all in the Empire are of this faith.

The great majority of people within Acheron Rho profess faith in the High Church of Messiah-as-Emperox, even if their practical application of that faith is variable. Some may only attend the large festivals and functionary events, while others attend religious gatherings with their community every week.

A universal constant, however, is the act of Tithing. While not a legally mandated requirement, the act of donating a portion of your income to the High Church is culturally ingrained. Even the most tight fisted of scrupulous nobles reluctantly parts with their wealth. ‘It is better poor than damned’, or so a common saying goes. The High Church is responsible for Marriage, for Baptism, and for the maintaining of Noble genealogy and records. This is along with many other of the Empire’s Bureaucratic processes.

The Empire’s Religion is a greatly syncretic organisation. It’s preferred method of dealing with dissent or deviance is the absorption and redirection of beliefs into forms more appropriate and more useful to the theocratic hierarchy. It is this quality that leads to a vast amount of local variance in worship format and structure. As long as an individual's form of worship does not contradict the core tenets of the Church - the most basic of which can be found in their Credo and Virtues - it is likely to be accepted as a small part of the larger whole.

Cults and other faiths that are not part of the High Church of Messiah-as-Emperox are under threat. With the successful election of a new Emperox, the Church is able to focus on the people of Acheron Rho instead of its political situation. With this in mind it is now more than a social faux pas to declare different beliefs. The time of Religious Freedom has ended in Acheron Rho, and all those who cannot allow themselves to be absorbed into the Mother Church face potentially severe repercussions.

The High Church of Messiah-as-Emperox is the cultural underpinning and backbone to the structure of society. The ‘Chain of Being’ is as much a theological teaching as it is a practical reality of how things in Acheron Rho are structured.

The Serfdom is governed by the Nobility. The Nobility is governed by House and by Emperox. The Emperox is guided by God and Church.Any creature with the misfortune to not be human is devoid of rights and privileges, with any Human having theological authority over their being.

The High Church is very supportive of the nobility. In times of trouble for noble families and noble houses, the Church has often stepped in to advise and support. As one High Exarch stated during the silence "The arms of the High Church are open to the noble houses in the time of their greatest despair." as the new Emperox continues into their reign, the High Church will continue to be shepherds, advisors, and protectors to the Empire and it's Nobility.

While the Church has withdrawn from the political realm, the Holy Planet of Andophael remains as a beacon and headquarters of the faith. The entire focus of the High Church on Andophael has turned to the Holy City of Rhapsody and the Grand Temple Complex. Such is the strength of the Theocracy on this planet and the faith within the sector that none would dare to oppose the Holy City of the Church. Fearful lest they draw the wrath of the Council of Exarchs who rule as philosophers and prophets devoted to the High Exarch and to the Emperox.

Following the events regarding the Betrayer of Humanity, the High Church swiftly moved to become the Government of Gats. While the political focus of the High Church turns to the people, their popular movement of devoted clergy and pilgrims watches over the planet. It is declared a Holy Place, a place of God’s evident wrath, an example that none should cross God or Church again, and it should remain a Holy Place for the Faithful within Acheron Rho.

With the excommunication of House Cygnus and Exigo of House Vela so fresh in recent memory, the people of the sector are steadfast in their Faith. The Empire believes some consequences are too great for their post-war Rebuilding. Instead, the ideological conflict in the sector resolved, the focus falls to the Emperox and their court. The Favour of the Empire's ruler is a prize many seek to attain, while those who fall out of favour face stark social consequences.

Across the Sector, the High Church presence is increased. Their Messiah has been found, and now they turn to the people of the sector in ever greater numbers to preach their message.

Ten Blessings

From all within The High Church of Messiah-as-Emperox