Denunciations of Recent Events

Turn 4

Virtue Name Link
Faith A Break from Faith by Crusader Gregorius & Hierophant Andelo Kopac Read »
Propriety A Reminder of Propriety, by Exarch Reformist Gideon Anderida Read »
Justice The Abrogation of Justice, by Exarch Purist Pelax Read »
Fortitude Fortitude, by Exarch Crusader Gregorius and Hierophant Andelo Kopač Read »
Wisdom The Ontology of Ignorance and Wisdom, by Priest Torpel Woburn Read »
Temperance Temperance: One of God's most Holy Virtues, By Exarch Crusader Gregorious & Hierophant Andelo Kopač Read »
Diligence Declare your Diligence, by High Priest Callixtus Pius Read »
Charity Charity, by Exarch Crusader Gregorius Read »
Integrity The Loss of Integrity, by Exarch Tatiana Laurent, the Grand Voice Read »
Hope Hope, by Hierophant Andelo Kopač Read »