From the Throne of St. Mercury

Decree - The Sanctity of the Soul

It is declared

Hereby the High Church decrees that modification of the human form for the betterment of the Empire is within our teachings and adheres to the ten Virtues, as long as the Guidelines set by the Council are adhered to. To be considered Virtuous:

  1. The vessel must be human at its core.

  2. The vessel’s mind must be clear so they can defy the thoughts of heresy.

  3. The vessel must retain the ability to feel pain, both of the body and the mind.

Addendum A

The Most Holy Council of Exarchs, in consultation with the High Lector, has determined a clarification was needed to address new concerns about cybernetic enhancements. It is the ruling of the High Church that the above applies not only to the genetic enhancement of a human, but also to the cybernetic enhancement of the same. In the future, additional Addenda may be added to address technological advancements as they arise.

SIGNED The Grand Voice, Tatiana

Council of Exarchs Divine Proclamation on the Mocking of Human Divinity via Synthetic Organisms

A Proclamation by the Council of Exarchs


The Most Holy Council of Exarchs, having determined that the synthetic menace will, if unabated, constitute a known and present threat to the stability of the Empire, subverting the Empire through nefarious means,


The stability of the Empire depends on its Ruler remaining free of undue influence and operating in the best interests of the Empire and all its subjects,


The House Cygnus, having created aforementioned synthetic life, and having secured the Imperial Throne, did use their creations to plot against the Empire,

Let It Be Known Across Acheron Rho

The High Church of the Messiah-as-Emperor declares anathema against the synthetic creations of the former House Cyngus. Any aggressive action against them is warranted and in keeping with the Ten Virtues.


The Most Holy Council of Exarchs, in congregati colloquium, Andophael, June 8th, 3184, by the Imperial Calendar