Burial Practices of High Church of the Emperox-as-Messiah in Conjunction with House Lyra

For as long as history dates in Acheron Rho, the High Church and House Lyra have worked together closely, The High Church guiding the Soul through life while House Lyra prepares the Soul for Death. When a member of the honoured clergy dies they are laid to rest in a way befitting someone who had followed the Ten Virtues.They are tended to by a cache of Neshmet who are trained specially to follow the rites and rituals of the High Church. First they are given the final funeral rites of House Lyra to ensure their transition to the After, a creation of God. Afterwards during the ceremony, members of the clergy will perform the Statement of Virtue. This ceremony entails the wrapping of the corpse by members of the Church, in colours befitting each virtue.

Faith - Byzantium Purple

The wrapping of the byzantium purple cloth symbolizes the faith in God that the member demonstrated in their life, this wrapping demonstrates taking their devotion to the Divine in the After.

Propriety - Yellow

The wrapping of a yellow cloth symbolize adherence to tradition, a key part for a member of the High Church. Propriety brought into the After, garners the honour of the Divine.

Justice - Violet

The wrapping of the violet cloth symbolizes that the departed did not flinch when it came to the carriage of justice during their life. Their dedication to correcting both their own faults Here, so as to bring them to the After.

Fortitude - Red

The wrapping of the red cloth symbolizes that the departed did not regret their actions in life. They made decisions steadfastly Here for the Divine. The departed showed the fortitude in life, that will aid in their journey to the After.

Wisdom - Royal Blue

The wrapping of royal blue cloth symbolizes the ever present wisdom of the members of the High Church. This shows their eternal wisdom that follows them from Here to the After and the grace of the Divine.

Temperance - White

The wrapping of the white cloth symbolizes the respect for the restraint practiced Here. The adherence to this restraint in life, is now represented in their transition to the After.

Diligence - Orange

The wrapping of the orange cloth symbolizes the departed’s dedication to the tireless diligence to the Divine. The departed reach the After and the Divine through their diligence.

Charity - Green

The wrapping of the green cloth demonstrates the throughout their life they truly understood how to put in the work in to get a peaceful in the After by grace the Divine.

Integrity - Black

The wrapping of the black cloth shows the honesty of Here, will always affect the honesty of death. While it may be a transition from Here to After, there is nothing more honest than the return to the Divine.

Hope - Baby Blue

The wrapping of the baby blue cloth shows that there is hope that despite the conflicts of Here, that by the Grace of God that the After shall respect the departed, as their brethren did in life.

After the Statement of Virtue the departed are then entombed in the Necropolis Belt amongst the tombs of the brethren of the church. They are laid to rest amongst others to continue on these connections they had made in life, in death, and in the After.