Frederick the Timebot Command List

Command Text Description Administrator Required?
tb!addfaction Adds the sender to the selected faction. Administrators can at an individual then specify the faction and the bot will add the user to the faction. This is the preferred way to add, since the bot with check with the FV server to make sure that the user is a part of that faction.
tb!addfaction Adds a user to the selected faction.
tb!addservercommand Adds a command to the list of commands allowed on the server.
tb!addtorightfaction Adds a user to the faction they are a part of in the main server.
tb!archivechannel Dumps a json log of the channel into chat.
tb!asset Search for an asset and display it in chat.
tb!assets Dumps a list of faction assets and their locations into the chat.
tb!badbot At this point, I'm pretty sure the bot likes it.
tb!blamecal Blames Cal.
tb!churchapproved The only way to express approval.
tb!churchbullies Returns one of the many reasons the church is a bully.
tb!cleanfaclists Can be run either against everyone on a server or against a specific user (at the user as a parameter to use the latter). Will check and make sure the faction roles match with the main FV server.
tb!cleanservercommands Cleans the list of server commands.
tb!clearchannel Clears the channel of chat messages.
tb!commands Pastes a link to the help page in the chat.
tb!createofficialchannels Creates a channel for every faction.
tb!domaths For the geniuses among us
tb!dumpcommands Updates the command help page.
tb!dumpserverchat Gets the chat of every channel in the server in a separate json file and spits out the result
tb!freddysays Makes freddy say something in chat.
tb!getfactioncount Gets the realtime count of all members of a faction from the SWNBot API.
tb!getnextevent Gets the next event in the Far Verona calendar
tb!getnextprivateevent Gets the next event in the Trill calendar
tb!goldenrule There are many rules in the church. This lists them for you.
tb!holdemallin For the truly brave.
tb!holdembet Starts the betting
tb!holdemcall Calls the last bet made.
tb!holdemcheck Advances betting without betting chips. Can only be used at the start of a round or after a check.
tb!holdemchips Shows the amount of chips you have.
tb!holdemestop For Administrators. Immediately stops the game currently going on.
tb!holdemfold For lily-livered pole-cats.
tb!holdemleave Pick up your chips and leave the table.
tb!holdempot How many chips are in the pot right now.
tb!holdemraise Raises the previous bet by the amount indicated.
tb!holdemtable Lists the players at the table.
tb!joinholdem Adds your user id to the list of players at the holdem table.
tb!listfaction Returns the list of all factions available to the addfaction command.
tb!listservercommand Lists commands allowed on the server.
tb!lockchanneltofaction Removes the Everyone permissions and adds a tag as the primary faction for that channel.
tb!monthlychanges A command that runs both the cleanfaclists command and the addtorightfaction commands one after the other
tb!mtga Gets the art of an MTG card by name.
tb!mtgc Gets an MTG card by name.
tb!opensource Pastes a link to the github repo in the chat.
tb!pelax Restores order
tb!ping Test whether or no the bot is awake.
tb!randomasset Generates a completely random asset.
tb!refreshtimers Gets the next event in the Trill calendar
tb!removeentirefaction Kicks an entire faction from the server
tb!removefaction Exactly like the addfaction command, but removes. Has the same at user overload.
tb!roll Rolls some dice.
tb!rulings Pastes the link to the rulings doc in chat.
tb!sector Pastes the link to the sectorswithoutnumber page in chat.
tb!setcolors Initializes the factions with their correct, official colors.
tb!snap Makes the server perfectly balanced.
tb!startholdem Starts a holdem game in the channel.
tb!startround Once the players are all gathered, starts the holdem round.
tb!summary Lets you know what a command is. I'm sensing a recursion here.
tb!synth Determines whether or not someone is a synth.
tb!tag Searches for a tag and displays the summary in chat.
tb!thanos Determines your place in Thanos's balance.
tb!timetillockin Gets the time til the faction turn orders lockin.
tb!timetilturn Gets the time til the faction turn.
tb!tracker Pastes the link to the faction tracker in chat.
tb!trilljoke Nuff said.
tb!turn Gives you a particular turn for a particular faction, straight from the faction tracker. tb!turn
tb!turnfactions Prints a list of the factions in the tracker if you arent sure what to type.
tb!valid Figures out if someone is valid.
tb!virtues Ten Blessings yall.
tb!wiki Searches the english Wikipedia for an article.
tb!xkcd Random web comic anyone?